Guarantee  Eyes and Hips on All Pups for 2 yrs.
Deposits on Pups
If you send in a deposit on a pup of certain color and sex and
you don't like what arrives, I'll send your deposit back or you can
let it ride for the next litter. Once you pick out a pup your deposit is
on that pup and non refundable.

Pricing of Pups
Breeding Rights Extra. $400.00

Tris with Brown eyes $900
Tri's with blue eyes extra ??
Merles $ 1100

Small Minis
Tris with brown eyes $900
Tri's with blue eyes extra ??   Merles $1100

We at East Coast Aussies have the right to withdraw from a sale
with either a full refund given or the option of buyer switching to
another avail pup.
Can Ship with 3rd party, My vet
to prove pup is healthy
Med Minis 16"
Tri's and Merles $900-1100..
a certain Tri pup and it
ends up with double
blue eyes, It will be
offered to you but will
be alot more money, Or
can pick another pup
out or get your deposit